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Updated on 02/02/2018
1-feb-18: Thursday First class test of second semester
2-feb-18: Friday First class test of second semester
3-feb-18: Saturday
4-feb-18: Sunday Holiday
5-feb-18: Monday
6-feb-18: Tuesday
7-feb-18: Wednesday Chart exhibition of Hindi Authors
8-feb-18: Thursday
9-feb-18: Friday Debate Dept. Commerce and Management (11year VS111yaer) / Project Viva for 111 BA English (Dept. English)
10-feb-18: Saturday
11-feb-18: Sunday Holiday
12-feb-18: Monday Fourth and sixth first internal examination/ Debate between first & First BBA
13-feb-18: Tuesday
14-feb-18: Wednesday
15-feb-18: Thursday Workshops on interview skills to all 111 year students (Dept. English)
16-feb-18: Friday Biz Quiz Yard version 5 (Dept. Commerce & Management)
17-feb-18: Saturday Conclash 2K18 Mega Fest/ Newsletter release/Working day
18-feb-18: Sunday Holiday
19-feb-18: Monday
20-feb-18: Tuesday Debate (Dept. Commerce & Management) 11 Vs and 11 BBA Vs 111BBA.
21-feb-18: Wednesday Workshop on Hardware assembling (Dept. Computer Application)
22-feb-18: Thursday Panel Discussion (Dept. English)/ First internal exam of second semester
23-feb-18: Friday
24-feb-18: Saturday Working day
25-feb-18: Sunday Holiday
26-feb-18: Monday Second unit test begins (4th Semester / 6th Semester)
27-feb-18: Tuesday
28-feb-18: Wednesday

Updated on 04/11/2017
1-Nov-17 Wednesday Kerala Piravi Talk / IV & VI Semester fee payment begins (without fine)
3-Nov-17 Friday Souhrdavirunnu (II Years)
6-Nov-17 Monday Biz Quiz Yard Version 3 – II B.Com / Chart Presentation – II Years
7-Nov-17 Tuesday Invited talk on Green Computing ( Dept. of Computer Applications )
8-Nov-17 Wednesday Re-Examination- II Semester University Examination BA/BCA begins
10-Nov-17 Friday Add on course on "Professional Accounting" (Dept. of Commerce and Management)
13-Nov-17 Monday Second Internal Examination begins (1st Semester)
16-Nov-17 Thursday V Semester University Examination for BA English / BCA begins
17-Nov-17 Friday Last Date for Semester Fee payment (Without fine) – IV & VI Semester
18-Nov-17 Saturday Departmental Celebration of Commerce and Management
18-Nov-17 Saturday Newsletter Release ( Dept. of Commerce and Management / Computer Applications / English) / Working Day
22-Nov-17 Wednesday Model Examination begins for II years
25-Nov-17 Saturday Open forum for Research Writing– III year (Dept. of Commerce and Management)
25-Nov-17 Saturday Literati Cressida 2.0 – Intercollegiate Competitions (Dept. of English) / Blood Donation Camp
Updated on 15/08/2017
5-Aug-17 Saturday Seminar on Human Sexuality by Rev.Fr.Paul Pottakkal CMI / Working Day for All
8-Aug-17 Tuesday Invited Seminar on Networking (Dept. of Computer Application) by Ms.S.Sinthiya – Founder & Head of Lingua Franca Events
10-Aug-17 Thursday Symposium on IFRS / IAS (Dept. of Commerce and Management)
11-Aug-17 Friday Workshop on Creative Writing (Creative Writing Course students) - (Dept. of English) BY Mr.Raju Raffel- Journalist / Second Semester University Exam for B.Com / BBA begins
12-Aug-17 Saturday Charity Visit - (Dept. of Computer Application)
14-Aug-17 Monday Souhrdavirunnu for I Years / Patriotic Events
15-Aug-17 Tuesday Independence Day
16-Aug-17 Wednesday BMC Day / Souhrdavirunnu for III Years
17-Aug-17 Thursday Inter- departmental Literary Competition (Dept. of English)
18-Aug-17 Friday Biz- Quiz Yard 2017 Version 2 by III B.Com Students (Group – 2)
19-Aug-17 Saturday Blessing of New Block of BMC
21-Aug-17 Monday First Internal Examination begins (5th Semester) / First Class Test begins (1st Semester)
24-Aug-17 Thursday Malayalam / Hindi Chart Exhibition – All I year Malayalam and Hindi Students
26-Aug-17 Saturday Working Day / NISSARGA 2K17
28-Aug-17 Monday Ayankkali Jayanthi - Holiday
30-Aug-17 Wednesday Film Festival (Intra- Collegiate / Inter- Collegiate Competition)- (Dept. of English)
31-Aug-17 Thursday Onam Celebration , "ORUMA"
Updated on 10/07/2017
1-Jul-17: Saturday Seminar on Income Tax by Mr.K.V.Ramachandran / Special Coaching Day
3-Jul-17: Monday St. Thomas Day / Souhrdavirunnu for Teachers / Feast of St. Thomas, CMI, Manager
4-Jul-17: Tuesday First Class Test begins ( 3rd Semester – B.Com / BBA / BA / BCA )
5-Jul-17: Wednesday Newsletter Release ( Dept. of BA English / Computer Application and Commerce and Management ) Marketing the Product ( B.Com / BBA ) for III Years Fourth Semester University Exam starts ( BCA / BA )
11-Jul-17: Tuesday Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Business Law by Mr. Sunil Joseph – II year B.Com / BBA
13-Jul-17: Thursday Workshop on Soft Skills ( Team Building & Leadership) - ( Dept. of BA English ) by Rotaract Trainers
14-Jul-17: Friday Orientation Programme for First Year Students
15-Jul-17: Saturday Industrial Visit – II Years (Dept. of Commerce and Management) / Working Day
17-Jul-17: Monday First Class Test begins ( 5 Semester – B.Com / BBA )
19-Jul-17: Wednesday Workshop on Basic Banking System by Dept. of Commerce and Management teachers
20-Jul-17: Thursday Fresher’s Day - NISSARGA 2017 / Club Inauguration
22-Jul-17: Saturday Charity Visit – II Years ( Dept. of Computer Application )
24-Jul-17: Monday Debate on GST
26-Jul-17: Wednesday First Class Test begins ( 5 Semester – BCA / BA )
28-Jul-17: Friday Souhrdavirunnu for III Years
29-Jul-17: Saturday Working Day / Sports Day
31-Jul-17: Monday Submission of Work Dairy
Updated on 21/06/2017
26-May-17: Faculty Development Program
27-May-17: Faculty Development Program
29-May-17: Faculty Development Program
30-May-17: Faculty Development Program
31-May-17: Transcend to Transform-FDP by Dr. Thomas George, Lead College
1-Jun-17: Inauguration of the Academic Year 2017-2018
1-Jun-17: Election of Class Representatives
2-Jun-17: Interact in English Competition begins
5-Jun-17: World Environment day
5-Jun-17: Environment day in collaboration with OISCA, Palakkad ( Dept. of English )
6-Jun-17: Awakening the Power within : Dr. Sarin Pakavat IAAS
12-Jun-17: Guest Lecture on " Literature in Life" ( Dept. of English )
14-Jun-17: Group Discussion related to Research – III Years ( Dept. of Commerce and Management)
14-Jun-17: Blood Donation Day
16-Jun-17: IVth Semester UNIVERSITY Exam commences (BCA/BA English)
21-Jun-17: Inter-departmental Seminar – II / III Yrs ( Dept. of Computer Application )
21-Jun-17: International Yoga Day
22-Jun-17: Biz Quiz Yard 2017 version 3 ( Dept. of Management )
23-Jun-17: Interfaith Prayer
25-Jun-17: Holiday ( Ramzan )
26-Jun-17: International Day against Drug Abuse
27-Jun-17: Seminar on "Income Tax" – III yr ( Dept. of Management )
28-Jun-17: IVth Semester UNIVERSITY Exam commences (BCA/BA English)

Updated on 01/03/2017
01.03.2017: PTA meeting
08.03.2017: First Rehearsal of management Event Crescita 2017
09.03.2017: Manager’s and Commerce day events Rehearsal
10.03.2017: Second Rehearsal of management Event Crescita 2017 & A-zone rehearsal
11.03.2017: Industrial Visit by BCA students
13.03.2017: Manager’s and Commerce day celebration
15.03.2017: BBA Event, Crescita 2017
17.03.2017: II Class test
24.03.2017: Literati Cressida, Dpt. of English Literature Event
27.03.2017: II Internal Examinations
Updated on 15/02/2017
04.02.2017: Staff Picnic to Munnar
08.02.2017: Birthday celebration of Rev. FR. Principal
10.02.2017: Commercio Expo 2017 and Overseas Education Fair by the Dpt. Commerce and Management
13.02.2017: First Internal Exam of Fourth Semester
16.02.2017: Panel Discussion on Union Budget by First year students-Moderator Mr. Sudeesh
17.02.2017: Attappady Camp by I students
19.02.2017: German Professors meet
21.02.2017: Souhrdavirunnu by Second years
22.02.2017: IFPS by I B.Com second batch
25.02.2017: PTA meeting of first year students
27.02.2017: BCA departmental events
Updated on 01/12/2016
01.12.2016: Second Semester begins
02.12.2016: Rehearsam of Mounam Vachalam
03.12.2016: Mounam Vachalam, an Inter-school Mime competition
07.12.2016: A big debate: “Is demonetisation a boon or bane for the society?”
08.12.2016: Interfaith prayer service by I BBA
09.12.2016: Crime branch officials conduct a seminar on social crimes (10 am to 12 pm)
14.12.2016: Literary Quiz event
19.12.2016: First Class test of Second and Fourth semester
20.12.2016: Christmas celebration and Flash mob dance
21.12.2016: Training by entrepreneurs
23.12.2016: Christmas gift exchange
23.12.2016: Christmas holidays begins (afternoon)
03.01.2017: College reopens
Updated on 05/11/2016
05.11.2016: Thanima 2016- Kerala Piravi Celebration
07.11.2016: Fee Payment for fourth Semester begins
07.11.2016: Internals for the absentees
09.11.2016: Christian student‘s Prayer
12.11.2016: Parents’ Meet of Second year students
14.11.2016: Fourth Semester commences
18.11.2016: Career advancement & Training (CAT) at 1 PM
19.11.2016: PTA Meet of First year students
21.11.2016: Fee Payment for fourth Semester ends
28.11.2016: Unit test for First year students
Updated on 01/10/2016
01.10.2016: Suchithwa Din- Cleaning day (9.45 Am-11.15 AM)
03.10.2016: Social Awareness Camp by Karunyadeepam trust (11.15 AM-12.15 PM)
04.10.2016: A debate on “Soul Come Home” by I BA English
05.10.2016: Interfaith Prayer Service at 9.30 am
06.10.2016: Souhruda Virunnu First Years
07.10.2016: Souhruda Virunnu Second Years
07.10.2016: A Seminar on banking by Mr. Anoop, Regional digital Marketing officer, SI Bank
13.10.2016: training on Ethical Hacking by Mazenet BCA students
18.10.2016: Invited talk on “Business Laws” by Mrs. Chandra U.V, LLB to Commerce & Management students
19.10.2016: Departmental Inauguration of BCA
20.10.2016: Each one teach one begins for all students
20.10.2016: A family tree by Contemporary English writers by I BA English
22.10.2012: Working day
24.10.2012: First and Second Internal Exams commence
28.10.2012: Panel Discussion on “Stray dogs to kill or not to kill”
31.10.2016: End of Second Semester
Updated on 01/09/2016
01.09.2016: Two minute speech begins for first year students
03.09.2016: Study leave commences for second year B.Com & BBA students On
03.09.2016: Malayalam debate on “Cinema and its influence on the criminality.”
05.09.2016: “Guruvandana 2016” Teacher’s day celebrations
07.09.2016: Second Semester exams commence for B.Com & BBA students
08.09.2016: BizQuizYard for first year students
09.09.2016: ORUMA ‘16, Onam celebrations
10.09.2016: Onam vacation begins
19.09.2016: College reopens after Onam vacation
20.09.2016: Class test for first year students begins
26.09.2016: Second semester exam begins for BA English Literature and BCA students
04.08.2016: Participation of English Students in the competitions conducted in Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
05.08.2016: Souhruda Virunnu organized by students
22.08.2016: Motivational Seminar by Dr. Thomas George, Chairman, LEAD College of Management
21.07.2016: New Comers’ Orientation Program by Fr. Dr. Johnson CMI
22.07.2016: New Comers’ Orientation Program by Fr. Nilson P CMI
22.07.2016: Motivational Class in St. Francis Public School, Karuvappara by BBA leadership
23.07.2016: Industrial Visit to Mandakan Energy Products Ltd. Ozhalappathy by the Dpt. of Commerce & Management
26.07.2016: Fresher’s Day Celebrations
28.07.2016: Christian student’s prayers session

Updated on 10/06/2016
01.06.2016: Academic Year Inauguration
03.06.2016: Awakening the Power within- An Enrichment Program for Students
04.06.2016: PTA Meeting
06.06.2016: An Enriching Program for Students by Rev. Fr. Lenin Antony SJ
08.06.2016: Participation in Genesis’16, Business Quiz in SMS, Palakkad
10.06.2016: Commerce Workshop on Chart and Card Writing
15.06.2016: BizQuizYard
18.06.2016: Industrial Visit by the students of Dpt. Of Commerce & Management
20.06.2016: Chart Exhibition by B.Com Students
24.06.2016: NISARGA’16- Cultural Extravaganza
30.06.2016: Debate by BBA students

02. Admission Hotline No. (+91) 8594005510

Updated on 19/04/2016
01. Faculty Recruitment: Qualified teaching staff required for B.COM (Male), English Literature (Male), BCA, Mathematics, librarian (Male) and Physical education (Male). Please send your CV soon to this email ID:
02. Admission Hotline No. (+91) 8594005510
Updated on 03/04/2016
01. 01.04.2016: Teachers‘meal
02. 01.04.2016: Volleyball Match
03. 04.04.2016: Re-exam of Second internals begin
04. 04.04.2016: Souhrda Virunnu for all Bharathamathites
05. 05.04.2016: Non-teaching Staff meal
06. 06.04.2016 & 07.04.2016: Study leave for B.Com & BBA (for good learners)
07. 08.04.2016: Model Exams begin
08. 13.04.2016: College is closed for I Semester exam preparation and vacation thereafter for BBA & B.COM students
09. 20.04.2016: College is closed for Semester exam preparation and vacation thereafter for BA English & BCA students
Updated on 16/03/2016
1. On 11.03.2016: International Women’s day celebrations at 10 am
2. On 14.03.2016: Class test begins
3. On 14.03.2016: Watermelon contest
4. On 15.03.2016: Inspection of English Department
5. On 15.03.2016: Releasing of English department news letter
6. On 17.03.2016: Panel discussion on recent central Budget
7. On 22.03.2016: BCA Inspection
8. On 28.03.2016: Second internal exams begin
9. On 30.3.2016: Inspection Of B.Com & BBA departments
Updated on 06/02/2016
1. 08.02.2016: First Internal examination of second semester will begin. Best wishes!
2. 18.02.2016: BCA DAY events @ 2pm.
3. 19.02.2016: Attappady nature camp
4. 27.02.2016: Founder’s day and Souhrdam 2016
5. 02.03.2016: Inter faith Prayer Service by BA English department

Updated on 01/01/2016
01.01.2016: Volley ball match today from 01.45 PM onwards
01.01.2016: Chess competitions for girls from 01.45 PM onwards
08. 01. 2016: Management Quiz from 2.35 onwards
10.01.2016: Last date of submission of essays conducted for school children across Palakkad
14.01.2016: COMMERCIO 2016- an event of B.Com Department held at 2.30 PM
15.01.2016: Attappady exposure camp for B.Com & BBA students
23.01.2016: FOOD EXPO- conducted by B.Com Department
25.01.2016: Power point presentation from selected School students
29.01.2016: Attappady Exposure camp for BCA & BA English Lit. students

Updated on 30/11/2015
11.12.2015: Volleyball Match for boys at 2.45 PM
12.12.2015: Nature visit to Malambuzha Dam
14.12.2015: Two minutes speech for all students begin
14.12.2015: Adult sexology seminar for all students
16.12.2015: Christmas celebrations
18.12.2015: BBA Dpt. celebration
19.12.2015: College closes down for Christmas vacations
Updated on 13/11/2015
1. On 16.11.2015: Celebrations of department of English named as "ELIXIR"
2. On 01. 12.2015: Second Internal exams begin
3. On 07.12.2015: Interfaith Prayer Service
4. On 14.12.2015: Interdepartmental Quiz competition

1. On 02. November: Thanima 2015- an event of various art and dance forms of Kerala on stage.
2. On 03. November: Fr. Nilson Pallissery CMI, Administrator of Bharathamatha group of instiitutions takes a course on 'Personality Management' at 1.00 PM to 1.45 PM
3. On 04. November: Prof. Jora holds a session on integral development of a student
4. On 09. November: Interdepartmental Debate- hosted by the department of English language and Literature at 2.45 PM
5. On 16. November: various cultural events of English department.
6. Second Internal exams begin from November 23. onwards.

Bharathamatha College at Kozhinjampara
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